Africa needs change – be the Mandela of tomorrow - Martin Ganda
Wednesday , 15 August 2018

Africa needs change – be the Mandela of tomorrow

follow url Let’s be history-makers. Let’s be the change that we want. The power is in our hands, literally.

source link Nelson Mandela’s legacy is that he overthrew apartheid and ushered in a rainbow nation; black and white people became one woven fabric of the new South Africa. He did not change every facet of South Africa to perfection as we expected, but he did something that outlives his rule and power. Most Africans, before independence, cried daily for the opportunity to have the power to change and make a difference in our communities.

sengali trading The colonial powers were very good at using power to their advantage, to suit whatever goals they had. This included changing laws to make sure the majority (black people) would never gain power, no matter how many of them voted. They made sure that only settler and colonial interests were represented in government.

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk After years of armed struggle, we now have power in our hands. There is no excuse for conditions to remain similar to what they were during the colonial years.

Buy Tadalafil Oral Strips USA In many African countries the economic climate has deteriorated. Who do we blame? We are in power. We can make all the rules we want. We can change any rules to create the best environment we want for ourselves, for our businesses, for our children. We have the talent. What are we missing?

follow Five years ago diamond reserves, equivalent to 25% of the world’s alluvial diamonds, were discovered in Zimbabwe. If that resource was exploited efficiently and responsibly, our leaders would have created an enviable legacy for our people. But that was not to be. Five years later, we have nothing to show for this multibillion-dollar natural resource.

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